Commemorative Stones

Birthday Stone

" For my son's 22nd birthday, I commissioned a Story Stone to commemorate his special day. Sari was so compassionate and a great listener as I told the story of my son's birth and how at first glance he was 'old soul'.

We talked about his favorite colors, his passions and three very symbolic words which represent his life's contract and the story behind how the words came to life. She attentively listened to me talk about eldest child and we energetically connected.

Throughout the process of creating the Stone, she checked in with me and bounced off ideas. She wanted to make it "perfect", and she did.

I admire the amount of love and attention she pours into making her Stones. She is extremely creative, and the Stone was amazing. This is a spiritual stone. It has been created with LOVE. Sari gave it life with her artistic expression.

Sari and I have a forever bond. She is a beautiful soul whom I have connected with deeply. Sari is a beautiful artist who commits great dedication and inspiration into her Stones. I am honored to call her my friend."

- Michelle Cintron, Mystic Topaz Sound Journey
Las Vegas, NV

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Memorial Stone

"The intent of this stone was to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the tragic death of my friend's 23 years old son. When I met Sari I had no idea we would create Story stones together for two specific needs of mine. Once I got to know her, our minds and souls connected and I knew Sari was the most centered and talented artist, capable and interested in accomplishing a heart-felt, inspired Memorial Stone and Gratitude Stone.

This is how Sari and I collaborated: we determined his favorite color for the base of the Stone, added a symbol of the name of his book to represent the one he had written and published, the Greek symbols of his fraternities, the symbol of the earth and the anchor to represent his travels with the Navy, and his love for animals and the outdoors. Of course a locked and heart for his mom, and a cross for his religious interests.

On the 2nd anniversary of this young's man passing, I presented this Memorial Story Stone to my friend, his mom. She looked in disbelief and exclaimed, "we will put this on our fireplace mantle. It is the only item we have which expresses my son and all of his interests in one place."

- Marianne Supino, Retired
Boston, Massachusetts

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Recovery Stone
" I was looking for something special, unique and personalized to give my boyfriend in Celebration of 20 years of Sobriety. I explained to Sari what my ideas were and let her work her magic. It turned out absolutely amazing, and he was speechless. Thank you Sari."

- Xandra Magas, Montessori Teacher Assistant
Las Vegas, NV

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Gratitude Stone
" The intent of this Stone was to express gratitude to my kidney donor for the gift of life, on the 2nd anniversary of my kidney transplant. Through this process, I learned Sari was a kind, compassionate person who would invest her time to understand my specific needs. She was willing to research and search everywhere to locate items to accomplish this special project, including creating thoughtful representative symbols herself with her artistic talents.

One half of this Stone was dedicated to represent the life and the selfless bravery of my donor. The other half was dedicated to the life and personal interest of my donor. The color green was chosen to represent kidney health, while each of the symbols were either selected or hand-made to make this experience very personal.

Both Story Stones surpassed my imagination. The intimate nature of the symbols combined with the Stones from mother earth created a sense of personal connection with the respective recipient and me. The Stones are unique, personally inspire and priceless. A mutual collaboration of love."

- Marianne Supino, Retired
Boston, Massachusetts

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Relationship Stones
" When I saw the Stones that Sari creates for each individual with all the detail I was in ah over them!

I came to Sari's house and I got to see a display of these assortments of Stones. I found myself overwhelmed with emotion. You could feel the love and the spiritual energy from them. I immediately sat down with her and asked if she would create two personalized Stones for me.

I gave Sari details for each one for her to create, and when she presented them to me they completely exceeded my expectations. You can see the love, joy and passion on Sari's face when she hands you the stones because she feels so honored to have bring your vision to fruition."

- Lisa Agnone,  Licensed Massage Therapist
Las Vegas, NV

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