About Story Stones

"I came to Sari's house and I got to see a display of these assortment Stones. I found myself overwhelmed with emotion. You could feel the love and the spiritual energy from them. I immediately sat down with her and asked if she would create two personalized Stones for me"
- Lisa Agnone, Licensed Massage Therapist. Las Vegas, NV.

For most of my life, I have worn black clothes from head to toe. It was my way of shying away from attention by avoiding bright colors that might otherwise draw the eye. Although I have always appreciated others dressed in bright colors, I have been very comfortable for the past 40 years, just wearing mostly black. But when Covid hit I found that wearing the same black clothes everyday started to affect my mood on top of everything else that came with the changes Covid brought to our live. And then... I began painting Stones; colorful, bright, vibrant Stones. Stones that told Stories. Stories about nature, love, spirituality, families. Stories that had layers and life. Stones that were 3-dimensional, mixed medium and layered with various motifs.

 I started to feel lighter again, more joyful, grateful to be creating and bringing colorful pieces of artwork to life. Simply by adding color into my life this way, my creativity awakened, my spirit elevated. And, this feeling was contagious: others were noticing my work and asking me to create special pieces for them as well. It is such a delight to do so.

And that is how Story Stones (and my Chakra Collections) came to life!

I will still wear black clothes, but now I make sure I have color on everyday!