New Personalized Stones

Intention Stone

This client was looking for love, prosperity and a soul-mate to share life and build a home together. I incorporated rose quartz crystals in a 3-dimensional pattern around a larger, reflective heart in the center. The colors of pink and rose gold were envisioned by the client as well as the affirmation words on the Stone. Two wedding bands sit at the top, while gold Chinese coins for prosperity sit below and support the word "home".
This beautiful heart-shaped Stone has a wide ledge on top, to which I added symbols of marriage and a circle of crystals for the heart chakra.

Energy Stone

This client expressed a desire for movement, change, and freedom, as well as a merging of work, family and self-empowerment. I selected a triangular-shaped Stone to represent these 3 motifs, and painted it with many layers in a circular motion to represent depth, fluidity and positive energy. The central focus is a gold-painted vortex resting upon 2 large selenite crystals which are powerful Stones that cleanse negative patterns. The gold leaves represent my client's love of nature. The beautiful butterfly in flight is a symbol of freedom and transformation. The word "trust" was chosen by my client as a reminder of the process itself, in taking a leap of faith.

Amethyst Stone

This client initially commissioned a purple amethyst stone as a gift for a friend. Although we did not know at the time, neither of us really felt "connected" to this Stone, nor did we know, we shared those same feelings. A few days later, my client said, "I think this Stone is meant for me, and I'd like to add a Lotus". At that moment, we were in perfect synch, and this Stone came together in a beautiful flow. The powerful amethyst emerged with confidence. The delicate white Lotus, a perfect complement. Both connected in harmony through the water. Both sharing the same Japanese branch bringing them together in nature and on this Stone. Powerful affirmations around the Stone, serve as a reminder to be true to self.

Twin Flame Stone

Although we have known each other on social media for many years, we have never met - so what an honor to speak in person about creating this very special Twin Flame Stone. This client has found their soulmate, later in life and requested matching Stones to signify their connection. We discussed the size, to fit into the palm of the hand as well as the colors, which highlight her favorites - deep jewel tones in blues and purples. My client expressed a vision of hands coming together, a representation of energy and fire, and a little "bling". Creating movement through paint, the swirling energy of these beautiful colors creates depth and passion. The 3-dimensional centerpiece symbolizes a coming together with and love and flow.  Additionally,  I created a circle of fire underneath this image representing the fire that fuels their Flame.

Memory Stone

This Stone was commissioned by a woman whose mother had recently passed, and she wanted to give her daughter "something special to always remember her". Through our conversation,  I learned that the Grandmother had a collection of brooches, and asked if I could incorporate them into the Stone. Two butterfly pins, a gold heart, and a colorful parrot. I created a vignette that brought the pieces to life. In the center, I designed and painted a wooden heart frame that served as a perch for the parrot, the most important piece in their collection. I added a mirrored effect underneath so the parrot can be seen from all angles and that the reflection of the Grandmother could be seen by her Granddaughter when she looks in closely. I incorporated the exact words the Granddaughter had written on the inside of her graduation cap, in honor of her Grandmother. And my intuition informed me to choose this beautiful blue - which I later learned she "absolutely loved that color!!!"

Happy Hydrangea Stone

This client, who lives in Canada, is an artist and a designer. Her home is filled with beautiful, unique, eclectic pieces that she has collected on her travles from all over the world. She is the most gracious hostess with impeccable taste. I was so honored to create this Happy Hydrangea Stone to sit among her other treasures, in her beautiful home. The colorings she requested were gold and orange. To that, I selected a white hydrangea, added a touch of animal print for depth and golden branches that add another layer. Since receiving her Stone, she has placed it in many different locations throughout her home, depending on what she is inspired to create! She tells me it truly makes her Happy.