Creating Your Chakra Collection

I begin by holding each Stone and feeling what it brings to my hands. Once your Collection of Chakra Stones has been selected, each is washed, dried, saged, and cleansed with selenite.


Your Stones are then placed in my garden, allowing the rich soil to ground and cool, while welcoming the cleansing of the moon and the warmth of the sun to infuse their powerful gifts. This process can take 2-3 days.

Chakra Stones Garden


After this time I select an Intention Card for you to add to my acred painting space. And then, I begin to create your Chakra Collection, incorporating pieces of correlating crystals

Chakra Stones can heal the body and the mind by transferring negative energies into positive ones. Whether you are dealing with emotional or physical imbalance, the energy you are getting or not getting will be dictated by your chakras, and the health of each one. By connecting with your Collection, it is my hope that you will experience better mental and physical health as a result of incorporating your Stones